06 May 2009

I want this outfit.

I want some other things too. I want a job that pays what I used to make with weekends off, I want an apartment in HB again, I want America to pick someone that doesn't grind my nerves on American Idol, I want to eat chocolate and not get fat, I want a phone that works and doesn't send people straight to voicemail when they call (preferably an iPhone?), I want to have all my family close by, I want a bookshelf so I can put my books on it and not in an ugly olive green rubber bin from Target clearance circa 2004, and I want world peace.

There. Done. I want a lot of things. I shouldn't be blogging when I'm sick and foggy and grumpy. I really do dig my life. I'm just feeling in a bit of a funk today -- it's my funk and I'll relish in it till the very end, or whenever the NyQuil kicks in.


liNdsEYloO said...

dont lie. you really only want that outfit bc you wanna be gweneth.
dont we all. :)

Aubrey said...

merz...i think i could ditto everything just about everything on that list...and i'm not even sick and grumpy. hope that makes you feel a little better.

ps- even my iphone sends people straight to voicemail. dadgumit!