30 May 2009


Victoria was boss.

Do you know how hard it is to get a bunch of mangy single adults to agree on 1 activity on a vacation? The only thing we could all agree on was "We have to do something AWEsome." But "AWEsome" could be many things, and many different amounts of money. We also felt uneasy splitting up, because cell phone service was either non-existent or cost big bucks per minute. It seemed we could spend 20 minutes debating the value of an activity, only to find that because we'd taken so long deciding, this activity was no longer an option. Oh, the soft power struggles. I may or may not have needed to soap out my mouth a few times, but I'm very good at saying things under my breath, so I didn't offend any old ladies.
Luckily, a tall blonde and handsome guy took the reigns and before anyone knew what was happening, we were on a Sea Plane with a bird's eye view of the entire luscious Victoria. We experienced Zero Gravity when the studly pilot Mick did a few dips, and I actually watched Jeff's camera float out of his hands. So cool. Dre almost threw up. So cool that she didn't.

Did you know that Victoria is the most haunted city in Canada? Me either, eh! bahahahahaahaha

We spotted a "Ghostly Walk" tour. We were intrigued; as far as I know OC doesn't offer such things. A bunch of non-believers there. We started by opening up our Chakras and I tried not to laugh. Then strolled past the "remaining energy bodies" in various locales, and I marveled at the story tellers' Gwen Stefani head phones. Juicy. At the end they said, "If you ever find out about any hauntings in Victoria, please email us." Oh, I am going to have SO much fun with that. I thought they'd never ask.

We ate fish and chips (or I just ate a bucket of double fried chips, and when I say bucket I do mean bucket), and then we hoofed it out to some famous donut shop, but by the time we got there all the good ones were gone and I was a little fearful that we weren't going to make it back onto the boat in time, or that if we did one of our number would not make it, because he was still looking for his lost camera and sunglasses. Turns out that plum sucks out of me the will to gorge myself.

We all did make it back onto the boat in time. Tired, chubby, spooked, but Victoria-ed, and therefore completely dazzled.

I would wish a Victoria on anyone.
P.S. For more pictures, check out Facebook. This is my sneaky way of getting my silent readers to come forth and show themselves, because you might have to add me.


Margaret said...

Victoria really is so fabulous. Glad you liked it.
What about your readers that do come forth but don't have facebook? Is it time I just give in....I'll log in through Austins I suppose.

Meredith said...

Just accept the fact that sooner or later, everyone is on Facebook. Everyone, Margaret.