14 July 2009

Bday Post II: A More Quick Wrap-Up Than the Narcissist in Me Would Like

Because my co-worker decorated my desk on Friday, the entire firm knows that last weekend I celebrated a birthday, although they (mostly) do not know my name.  Therefore in the last 48 hours I have answered more times than I am able to count the question, "How was your birthday?!"  I say something very cheerful but measured, because if I don't take care I will turn a conversation-in-passing into a 20 minute expansion, loaded with details of the front and centers of my life, how cool it was to open up my 5th tube of lip gloss of the day, how much junk food I ate etc., etc., etc..  

My favorite moments were......

- When my dad cooked a Saturday night family dinner that could not have tasted better if it were at the most swankified restaurant in town.  Obama doesn't eat as good as we did that night.  Betcher Bama dollar.  :)

- Eating cherries and home-spun oreos and ice cream in the Lake park at the heart-warming and tasteful party/picnic that Shauna and Lindsey threw for me.  It was way more than I deserved, but I'll take it gladly. 

- Getting a bike!  I LOVE that bike.  LOVE it.

- Hearing "Favorite Thing About Merzy" from those around the Saturday evening table.  I LIVE for that moment of the year.  I'll practically do anything for a compliment, and on m' birfday I don't even have to hint or cue or beg on my hands and knees for an ego fluff.  By the way, my dad called ME a chatterbox on the way to the San Diego Temple earlier Saturday.  If Jim Eaton ever calls YOU a monologue fiend, man... I mean, where do I go from there?  I've out-rocked the proverbial Bono.

- I shared the bday with Mike Cunningham for the first time this year, and as ever, with Annie Garlock Reynolds and Brie Gassin Jenkins.  Sharing is caring.  Sela Ward and Armani also celebrate with me, but they don't know it.

- I loved opening up my email from Cameron on Monday and reading his reminder that (totally strange but true) many of the "Gone Too Early" entertainers of the world went at 27.  Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, River Phoenix, Jonathan Brandis, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Ron McKernan just to name a few.  Horrible.  I don't have a drug addiction (Diet Coke doesn't count) so I expect to make it to 28.

I had a wonderful time.  For photos check out Facebook or maybe I'll have the energy tomorrow.  Goodnight!

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[AnnieR] said...

I'd like to see this new bike of yours. I hope it looks something like E's old bike that was stolen from the Park Paseo Pool after she didn't lock it up and joked how she hoped it would get stolen. You see, in 1993, beach cruisers are not quiiiiiiite the cool commodity that they are now. I remember after we had discovered it had been taken, we ran to my house and breathlessly told my Dad what had happened. "Jump in the car!" he said. My dad took us around the neighborhood while we scoured the streets for the dirty rotten thief, but to no avail. Joseph went with us because he was too young to be left at home alone at the time, as did Bobby, I believe, because why wouldn't you want to ride around Park Paseo looking for a stolen bike with a bulldog in your lap? Years later, it was revealed that Joseph had always thought that little old Sister Sonderegger in you guys' ward had stolen it, after seeing her time and time again out on a bike ride with her cute little husband on her beach cruiser...the only other beach cruiser at Northwood in the 90's I'd venture to say. Why Joe never told us Sister Sonderegger stole E's bike, I'll never know, but I'd like to think he was just trying to be kind to the elderly.