19 July 2009


Already this past month I've spent more time outdoors than I did in the whole of 2008.  

Yesterday we went kayaking through the Newport "Channel" and had a whopping good time.  I'm always glad when someone pushes me to just get out off my bottom and do these things, because they're always more enjoyable in execution than they seemed in theory.  I only wish we had some pictures, but alas.  

Then I ran some Saturday errands that had been thrust to the back-burner for quite some time.  It felt good to get some things out of the way, because the horrible truth of it is at the end of a long weekday, the idea of going somewhere, parking my car, going in, doing whatever needs to be done, and then walking out, digging around in my purse for my keys, and then covering nearly every inch of the parking lot trying to remember where the      I parked, is not always something dreamy enough to actually make it happen.  Again, when it does it's never as bad in execution as it had been in theory.  But anyway I got some things done while I had some spring to my Saturday step.  Done and done.

We saw Harry Pottah with some friends.  I am most pleased to say I give this one 2 thumbs up. I hear the 5th was good, but mine eyes have never beheld it.  The others were very fohgettable. Good job, guys.  You've hit your stride.

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