30 July 2009

Sarison Wedding III: Caught Primping

I'll say the biggest difference between Elizabeth's wedding and Sarah's was with the former there was no progeny scampering about. With Sarah's there were three. Adorable in the extreme? Absolutely. Unpredictable and time consuming? That's an emphatic YES. Five adults trying to get themselves decked out in the same house on very immovable schedules while readying 3 kids who may or may want to be readied at the time we were ready was....exhausting.  All I have to say is any mother who gets to church at ALL within the 3 hour block with her brood has worked a miracle.

Even so the morning of is chock full of terrific memories. Elizabeth caught a few snaps of the primping.

My mom and Sarah did her hair. It was inspired by Rory Gilmore in the vow renewal episode. Boo ya.

Sheesh, why weren't the 80s my hay day???

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