28 July 2009

Sarison Wedding I

For the last 3 days my dad has been calling my mom "The Party Girl of Irvine" for pulling off such a thing.  She made that white cloud she's wearing.  Yeah, she knows what she's doing.

There.  Now you can see what we were all wearing with a little more scope.  I wish I could remember what Elizabeth and I were looking at -- perhaps a R.O.U.S.?

Oh but this was one of my favorite parts of the day.  My nephew and Jeff's niece (who is also now Sarah's niece...I know, it sounds very backwater) both live in the same city, both just graduated kindergarten, and both make it a habit to overflow in cute.  They met and over a plate of See's truffles, sushi, and other such reception tasties, tried to describe to the other where they live.  "Welllll...you drive straight...and then you go by a GYM, and then...you turn by a tree with four branches...."  I could go on all day about these small people.

TADAAAAAAA!!!  Zee Bride and Groom!!!

They believe in lurve.

Oh geez. :)

My devilishly handsome +1.  He stayed until the bitter end of the reception cleaning up. Good man, that JH.

This is what was happening to Jeff every time people born after 2001 were around and no chocolate was within their rascally reach.  They would just tug and yank and drag on him without ceasing.  Somehow my boyfriend's arms are still connected to his body.

This is Rebecca McOmber.  There was NOT enough time to sit and talk to her as much as I'd hoped.  In fact, when I look back at all these pictures I'm grumpy about how many people in them traveled so far to so darlingly support Sarah et al and I just didn't get enough one-on-one with them.  So wonderful to see them at all, though.  Weekends like these get me excited about heaven, if you must know.  Copious -- nay, endless amounts of time with all the people I love.

Too cool for school

She cannot not be kissed.

More pictures to come later thanks to Elizabeth the fantastic and talented photographer sister o' mine....


KatieB said...

Finally! I've been waiting! You guys all looked beautiful! It's funny that Sarah and Jamie's weddings were so similar!

Margaret said...

Pictures of the wedding. I've been waiting. And I think a bit of my fam will be there in October as well.
And i love your hair.
And word on the street is your bf is pretty dang awesome.

Ruby said...

You exquisitely captured that beautiful wedding between she and him. Wish i could have spent more time snuggling with my favorite females. I eh, luva YOU!

mshayes said...

You and your sisters are so lovely!

Thinking of all the connections between familles Eaton-Reynolds-Hayes etc and so forth makes me smile. I love that our niece and nephew are friends. Perfect.