05 July 2009

Manly gathering

Tonight was my friend Zach's "Manly Bday Party." Lots of sugar. More creatively endearing than your 3-year-old Halloween costume. Good job, Shavs.

This is me taking pictures of the glorious, flirtatious crowd. I'll expect no fewer than 73 nuptial unions to arise out of this bonding over brownies and diet coke. Boo ya.

I may or may not have blogged this entire post just because that Mike on the left said, "Oh man, you are SO addicted to your iPhone, Merz." I had no choice but to start blogging then and there from my telephonic device.

Boo ya.

-- Post From My iPhone

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The Four Redheads said...

This is a comment for Sarah's shower--I see Megan in one of the pictures--was my lovely sister Karina there, too? I haven't talked to her lately.