12 July 2009

My sister Sarah and I used to have some strange mocking attraction to that country tune, Just Another Day in Paradise.  If you know it, admit it.  The lyrics are horribly cheesy and filled to the top with TMI.  When I worked at the bank, my Manager would often utter under his breath that same thing when someone had just thrown a fit at him because THEY went on a shopping spree at the Chanel boutique when their pocketbooks only would have allowed Old Navy.  Anyway, I want to indulgently say that I feel to sing that song with verses a la Merzy

I never really wanted life to be perfect, and it's certainly not now.  I feel I am too old to be making some of the scatter-brained mistakes that I still find myself making, and I get frustrated.  I suppose if you'd asked me as an 18 year old ninny what my life would be like when I celebrated my 27th birthday I would have described a different picture, filled with some things I do still want and assume I'll have some other day, but I am unable to verbalize just how thrilled I am that things ARE what they ARE right now.  As imperfect as it is now and ever will be, I am enjoying immensely my ride in my hay wagon.  Sometimes, enough things fall into place all at once that you don't care much about the things that haven't, and it is enough to get you to hug a tree or spare the life of a pesky fly.  

Barfy?  Indeed.  Temporary?  Probably.  True?  Indubitably.  Sometimes life is just paradisaical, and I hereby say I'm grateful.

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