20 July 2009


No, sorry, if you read the post below and have beef (ha!) against vegetarians, you'll have to scoop your eye-widening of triumph to the shadows. I ate no such steak, my iphone was just momentarily confiscated and chaos broke loose.


[AnnieR] said...

Hahahaha! This is particularly funny to me as this post came not shortly after an email exchange I had with everyone's favorite bride-to-be about this very thing. I was feeling sorry for you, then quickly changed my mind and wasn't feeling sorry for you at all, as this is a decision you have made for your own herbivourish self, that you would be missing out on the delicious skirt steak that I most definitely will be devouring Friday evening. Enjoy your sad and pitiful salad, my pretty.

Jim Eaton said...

I too am looking forward to a skirt steak. By the way, there are two cuts of skirt steak. The "outer skirt" is more tough and is generally cut into pieces - witness the fajita next time you are at Chili's. The "inner skirt" steak is actually a prime cut. It is thin, but when cooked properly, has all the flavor of a rib eye. Cut into somewhat smaller pieces as it is still a little more fibrous than a fillet. Can't wait.