07 July 2009

Drenched in Loveliness

Do you know why I like a Bridal Shower for Sarah?

1. Oh wait; before I start I'm supposed to say, "In no particular order..."

1. Bruscetta. OOooh just typing that word gives me goosebumps.
2. I love Sarah. She's the loveliest one I know.
3. I love Harry. And after getting to know him as the Source of Sarah Happiness that he is over the last 2 years, I feel I am actually able to say honestly that I do. I love my family, and scrutinize very thoroughly the potential additions. I am all for this one. Spirit fingers and all. I say to him, "Welcome to the Easily Amused Club." He and Sarah are a perfect match.
4. Bruschetta.
5. Watching Sarah blush over opening a certain gift. Ahem.
6. I got to see a heap of people I grew up with and only wish my brain weren't so fried from work; my life-of-late story that I told over and over was increasingly condensed the deeper into the evening I lived.
7. The lady in the picture below (that one with the raven hair):

and I love this picture above because it gives you all a fright, doesn't it.  No, no, I'll have you all aware right now that baby carrier is NOT belonging to the bride and groom.  It's Tiff Gates Conley's DARLING baby Brooklyn's.  But Sarah, being the guest de honor, got to have the baby close at hand at all times.

July 25th, they ride off into the proverbial sunset.  I couldn't be more pleased.

Boo ya.