15 January 2009


Or maybe now that Paula Abdul is back on TV, it should be "truths"?

#1: My arms got sunburnt while eating an al fresco lunch yesterday. In January?!? Are you KIDDING ME?!?!
#2: Our dear Presidente-to-be Obama-mama-rama has tried very hard to avoid being a "Celeb Prez," but his 95 MILLION DOLLAH DOLLAH BILL inaugural bizzle will cue performances by 23 celebrities, including U2, Shakira, and Sting (none of whom are American citizens, but I suppose that being our common victims in the horrific effects of global warming, they have reason to be just as dazzled about our new Capitan as Oprah, who IS an American citizen).
#3: Purple is a horrible color. Oh I guess that's not a fact. Or is it...?
#4: The relief of having an income again still hasn't worn off.
#5: My mum cut my hair yesterday. Except you'd never notice it, because it was just a bite of a trim.
#6: And now this has become a boring blog post.


Aubrey said...

Love that you got a sunburn...in JANUARY! I'm on my way out the door to longboard to the beach. I love this weather.

PS- If you don't retract the purple comment, I may have to retract our friendship. I can get past the whole "no decorative pillows" thing, but THIS...this just might ruin us.

liNdsEYloO said...

you are standing there in your truth... and your boots with the fur.