13 January 2009

Tonight I went against all that I am and cleaned out my room. I gutted each cranny, and found some cool things. A cute picture of President Monson. A deck of cards, which is nice because I've had a hankering for a lively game of Spit ever since Big Bear. And, once again, I found Cameron's gag gift from Christmas 2006. He sent it to me on my mission, and I love the lug so much I dragged it with me from area to area, and all the way back to the USA. It's one of those things I'll never use, yet have been unable to part with. Until now. I am being unabashedly cruel to the pack rat within, and it's got to go. Knowing that nauseating guilt would smother me as soon as it passed the dumpster lid, I decided I would assuage the discomfort by internetting the proof of it. When Cam gets back from his mission in 16 months, I'll show him this post and say, "Hey! See how much I appreciated your gift???"

Anyone who can tell me what this line is from and thereby the significance of this item gets 23 gold stars.

"There's poop falling from the ceiling. Poop!"


Margaret said...

The Office...Angela.
I really hope you don't live in a place where poop falls from the ceiling.

Photo Gangster said...

Weird Science

Hilary and Dave said...

Is that from Daddy Day Care? Do I get gold stars?? Also, do you remember our spit obsession for a couple of years back in the early nineties, when you'd come to Palo Alto and we'd play all the time??