09 January 2009

Is this how it happens now?

Last Saturday I got picked up on while I was checking my email and Facebook at one of these:

There I was, minding m' bidness, just feeding my addiction to Steve Jobs' products, and a guy comes to the next computer and asks,

Is this one being used?
Me: No.
Him: I've got to check something really quick.
Him: My name's Chad, by the way [swoops his hand over].
Me: Hi, I'm Meredith.
Him: You have beautiful eyes, by the way.
Me: [It's all comin together now] Oh, uh, thanks.
Him: [Peeks over to see my computer] Oh, you're checking Facebook? You should add me on Facebook.
Me: [Nervous chuckle]
Him: Come on, add me on Facebook and then it won't be so weird when I ask to hang out with you.
Me: [Stalling, wondering what in the world people say to this kind of thing without sounding mean.]
Then Jeff came over to save me with, "Are you ready?"

Cutting and pasting us into a bar, is that how it really happens these days? Merciful heavens.


Aubrey said...

Funny story. Happy ending.
Ps- Come to Dland tonight. My heart longs for some Merzy and me time.

Nat D said...

so was he cute?

Megan said...

Nice Merzy! Can you blame the chum? You are a piece- as in pretty piece of work.