17 January 2009

so it's 4am and the sleeping pixies have long-since stopped sprinkling their dust atop my head, so i've been pitter pattering around my apartment, reading, looking at clothes on line i can't afford, and now the only thing left to do is blog. that's right, blog. and you're looking at the proof!

hmmm #1: methinks i'm going to learn how to sew. i am so going to sew (that's 4am humor for ya, didn't promise it was anything great!). if it turns out ugly i'll say to friends and lovers, "oh that?? my visiting teacher made that for me. nasty, isn't it." if it turns out great, then duh, you'll know about it, because i'll take pictures of it from 39 different angles and blog a toot-toot-toot-my-horn post! you betcha.

hmmm #2: don't ask me how this happened, but i've become a reality tv idiot. whyyyyyyyyyyy??? i almost can't look at myself in the mirror anymore, but then i get over it, because i've got to get ready for work and mascara can't be applied without a reflection. ok here's the shameful list: 

- first it was momma's boys with the bigot mother i couldn't just not watch. i had to see how deep a hole she would dig!!! 
- then it was bromance, with the boys crying about not getting to chill and ill with brody jenner. it was fascinatingly repulsive.  
- then the real world had to throw a mormon dude (who wears scarves, no less!) onto the show, so now i have to see if he's going to be a cool mormon, a jack mormon, or a self-righteous mormon (we all know what happened LAST time they put a LDS on there.  even those like me who never watched the show once!  i did watch larry king put her in her place.  utter enjoyment). 
- then on mondee jeff's roommate petah was watching true beauty, and there's, for some inexplicable reason, something addicting about watching true narcissists in action. 
- AND THEN AMERICAN IDOL STARTED.  don't worry, i'm not about to give that up.  good clean fun for the whole family!

T.O. : is that how ryan seacrest lives his life?  has a bunch of minions who think up ways to make people look like the mental and moral dregs of society and get them on camera with hopes of fame and grandeur?  bleh.  i still don't know how i feel about this.

sleepy hmmm #3: if it were MY inaugural event this week, i would give everyone in the audience a burberry coat.  just for being there.  maybe an oompa loompa too.  depends on how much money i was getting through illegal donation channels like the ukranian mob.  what would YOU give-away-out???

i'm going to go give sleep another shot.  goodnight.


charity said...

love this post and the last one! nice work.

Carrie said...

Then I would so totally come to your inaguration because I would really love to have me a Burberry coat!