02 January 2009

The things of which I am sure in 2009:

- John Adams could have been my boyfriend, if only I'd been born 230ish years ago. David McCullough is painting him out to be just my kind o' guy.

- Boots with the furrr might be a little reminiscent of Kate Hudson circa 2004, but SAINTS BE PRAISED they are more comfy wumpus than a set of Egyptian Cotton bed sheets. I shall wear them until the day of stinkiness dawns.

- I might be put on some people's "Feather Weight" list for saying this, but I just can't handle more than 6 episodes of Arrested Development in one day. Even if it is vacay.

- One should not worry if one does not have a camera out at all times. Someone else will, and thanks to Facebook, one can always obtain any snapped images from any event. Please note Proof Exhibit A, Big Bear Momma Bear New Years Trip 2008-2009:

- Treats are never shoved so much in your face as when you've just vowed to detox, and made your boo detox with you.


dre said...

i think everyone watched A.D. because no one else wanted to watch the foodnetwork with me. also, this is the only picture of me that was taken at big bear... i was not in any pics for some reason.

::Meredith Eaton:: said...

I'm commenting from an iPhone .