15 January 2009

The next Robert Frost

NPR has so fantastically commissioned Obama poems in honor of the upcoming inauguration.  Jeff Hayes, Poet/Lawyer, is submitting the following sure-fire winner:

Ode to Obama 
(and the institution of unbiased journalistic integrity known as NPR)
by Jeffrey M. Hayes

O is for the only black president, which you are.

B is for your nickname, Barry.

A is for the all-mighty power that we recognize in you.

M is for your mench-like attributes.

A is for America --Yes We Can! (repeat three times)

It's enough to make both Peggy Noonan AND Hillary Clinton get all choked up.


melissa said...

BRAVO JEFFREY HAYES!!!!!!!!!! bravo indeed!

Jim Eaton said...

I'm getting all misty...and verklempt.