28 January 2009

mother meri was right:

- "if you quit piano now you'll regret it one day."  i do.  (funny, though: i can still play the spinning song, which is relatively complex of key combination and sprightly of tempo, but my mother can not abide that song.  when i was a wee thing, if mom and dad were joining us at getting out the door at a displeasingly slow pace, we'd lift up the piano lid for amplified volume and i'd play that tune away.  it'd get em running ship shape.)

- "one day, you'll wake up and LOVE broccoli."  ever true, ever true!  she served up broccoli every night.  every.  night.  when we were out of the brocc and she had to use a plan B bag of the frozen vegetable medley (lima beans, cubed carrots, corn, and green beans), her evening was colored with a shade of self-disappointment.  we moaned and moped through our "trees," until one morning, i believe 'twas in the spring of 2005, i woke up and crraaaved broccoli.  the only thing i wanted to eat was its leafy goodness, and it's taken up residence in my freezer and/or fridge ever since.

- "liars souls as black as poo."  she never said that, but if you ever watched madtv, you know what i'm talking about.

- "the squawk box [tv] rots your brain."  see above.

she's very clever, that mother of mine.  i love/hate how right she is.  does that mean that one day in the none-too-far-off future, i'll look back and agree that the shoes i bought a few weeks ago are indeed over the top?  


[AnnieR] said...

I'd like to see these shoes.

My mom hates the Spinning Song too. And I totally used to do the same thing as you. In fact I still do. I played it in more than one occassion while I was home this Christmas. "Let's get a move on, people!"

liNdsEYloO said...

i had to play the spinning song!! why is that such a universal youth finger ditty?
and ps. i was looking at your shoes in church, and indeed, yes, they are over the top, but with that dress you looked FAB so i'm pretty sure you won't regret it. :)

::Meredith:: said...

it seems clear that the spinning song is the universal cure for parental pokiness.

and i shall post a photo of these shoes, just you wait and see!