26 January 2009

i do not like that:

- i'm too lazy to type in upper-lower case if an employer or professor isn't to see what i'm tapping  away at.  i don't dislike it so intensely that i plan to change it right this minute, though....
- i went to costco today and they were not sampling croissants.
- gas prices have begun to float again.  where's my 25 cents/gallon gas?  i was prepared to greet it with my most sincere smile.
- robert peck did not write more books.  
- more of my cousins do not live near (i'll be appreciative that nate and kate are closely zip coded).
- i seem to see mario lopez/a.c. slater on every tv channel, with his fake smile and obnoxious dimples, but mark paul gosselar/zack morris is nowhere to be found.  how did that happen?!?

i do like that:

- by week's end i shall be squishing my darling nieces and nephew.  and i do mean squishing in the most aunt-ish way.
- may promises to be a most fantastic month (como se dice MEXICAN CRUUUUUUUUISE?!??!!?).  
- i got my brakes fixed last week and it didn't absorb quite as many dollars as i'd anticipated.
- my little-brother-on-zee-mission called me "puddin" in my email today.
- i live in CA.  i love it more this time around; i don't know why, but i do.
- you just read my blog.


Sarah said...

Bah! Cameron called me "Sarah Pie" in my email. These subliminal messages make me crave pastries and treats!

Also. I will also be there to squish with this weekend. I shall shimmy myself between you and Sadie and we shall watch "Barbierella" and drink Fresca.

melissa said...

MEXICAN CRUUUUUUUUUISE!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait. i loved this post. and you.