31 July 2008

3 random bits

-i slept in until 15 minutes before i was supposed to be at work!!! mercy me!

-a co-worker said to me today:
her: oooh, i like your shirt! let me see the top of it, it's hidden under your jacket.
me: yeah, i like to layer stuff.
her: yeah, that's so mormon.

-in the last few days, about a million people have told me i look just like the girl on this month's cover of the ensign, or they've asked me if i have a sister who's into religious modeling. this has been bugging me ad nauseum et infinitum, and i'm not sure why. maybe it's because her bangs are greasy. whatever the reason explains why i want to look like me, me and only me, nobody else but me, only me, it'll have to wait, as my shrink is on vacay in barbados this week and out of service range. jk.


[AnnieR] said...

I'm thinking that chick might not be single if she lightened up on the eye liner a bit. My goodness gracious.

Aubrey said...

she's pretty merz...minus the greasy bangs thing. take it as a compliment. ;)