01 July 2008

A Feel-Good Wedding

Not a dry eye in the sealing. That's what happens when you're such a wonderful pair, everyone is over the moon about the fact that you're both so happy and so together.

Argyle biking spandex. I was impressed. Only in Irvine.

Bagpiping went down as detailed out and planned to a very clear and crisp T.

Getting swindled by the nail people. I learned the hard way that if they ask you if you want ANYTHING, say with a firm resonance to your voice, "NO." Even when they ask you, "Would you like me to put nail polish on?" I guarantee that by saying that little word that starts with a "Y" you are unwittingly piling $5 more onto your tab. So do as they taught us long ago in 3rd grade and just say no.

I know, the bridal party was about the size of a Liza Minelli wedding.

Can ya believe the flowers??!?!?!?!?


Hilary and Dave said...

How fun!!! i love those bridesmaid dresses... definitely keepers that you CAN wear again!

liNdsEY aNdERsoN said...

i LOVE IT!!! so pretty and so fun :)

Aubrey said...

ok. its official. i'm devastated i missed this. ugh!