10 July 2008

One more thing I forgot I want to accomplish in this life:

Be the one that gets Rufus Wainwright to play for hetero team. Then of course I'll convert and marry him. Is that so wrong?


Annie said...

He could give you hair tips. Not that you need them but he always has the best hair. And he could serenade you with "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk" every night. Except since he'd convert, he'd sing...like..."Lolipops and Chocolate Milk" or something.

I see a love connection in your future.

Margaret said...

Taking over my former goal I see. I have faith in you Merzy. And Happy Birthday you silly girl.

Ashlie & Jonathan said...


7-11...It must be a cool day as you share it with Brie and Annie. Hope it is everything wonderful, and that you feel celebrated today!