25 July 2008

More Info on the Weekend of Divinity

If you want more deets, check out the OTHER blog. We had such a great time with Mom's company retreat, I don't want to tell Cam how "scrum" it was (scrum is what Cam used to say in lieu of "scrumptious"). As it is, I'll tell all y'all reading my blog.

The guy moseying on through with the bruskis is our new pal Herb. Or I just want to call him that.

LOVE was fantastic; I think my favorite part was seeing it with Elizabean, since we bonded with The Beatles together as younglings. The show had lots of energy, Elizabeth has lots of energy, I have lots of energy, when we're together and listening to Fab Four there is a high likelihood of implosion or spontaneous combustion.

Moi at the Mandalay Bay pool. It was loaded with Cabanas and a Lazy River and a "Wave" Pool, but also, I'm sorry to say, the most unfortunate grouping of people ever. Dad was so traumatized that after a while he went to the Four Seasons pool for a while to escape the diabolical conversations we couldn't help overhearing. It was like the herds (audiovisually) you find at concerts and amusement parks. I don't care if you're living on a steady diet of Ben & Jerry's and Curly Fries, that's your right and privilege, but that means you trade in your bikini/speedo rights. But we put mind over matter and tuned them out, and thus I am found in my sophisticate mode.

Sal + Hal = endless conversation on movies and books. These 2 should write books and make movies, because they know everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about them. Every single one.

My pretties. Mom's favorite visor, isn't it the best.

Sam took the Lazy River very seriously.

Sadie bears no prejudice against fake sand. Or keeping her floaties on whether in the water or out. Like her mother before her, she likes some extra protection and cushioning in every day life (if you knew Elizabeth in jr. high, you know about the helmet).

Lovely weekend.


Erin said...

Fun trip to the Mandalay bay pools. Last time I was there was with Shanny and it was PACKED. Looks like nothing has changed.

m.m. said...

we've been wanting to see love for so long! jb is a beatles fanatic. i'll tell him you recommend it.

nat d said...

Ok Jenna told me to check you out and you are HILARIOUS... you really should be a professional blogger. Anyway...how did Monday go? Who'd you interview with??? Sorry I was the worst contact ever but I hope you got taken care of...