16 July 2008

JUST to clarify....

1) i am NOT dating the guy in the previous post from my mission. 'twas a joke. he's great, ultra kind and reminiscing mission style with people who were there is something i could do all day long, but this is completely plato style. JUST to clarify. even if there were that sort of vibe on the table, i would have serious issues a) dating someone from my mission and b) he's loads younger than me. in 2001 i dated a guy 3 months younger than me and almost broke out into hives on my bday. i've come a ways since then but am not ready for multiple year age differences. bleh.

2) someone asked me in march if i'd seen any good plays or cirque shows, etc. in vegas. i was horrified to realize that i hadn't! i sort of regret never milking the utah "powder" (as they love to call it) for all it's worth, after all that time i lived in p-town, so i made a hasty resolution:

i would most definitely see 2 vegas shows during the summer, and i would pay for neither.

i am most pleased to report that this friday i will be seeing my 3rd FREE vegas show!

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