07 July 2008

guess what.

having 4 days off in a row isn't the best thing in the world.

lack of productive behavior is a voyage of soul gnawing and watch glancing.

i never ever ever ever ever thought i'd say this, but i'm enthusiastic about the prospect of returning to work tomorrow.

p.s. since every blog seems to be reporting on day of independence, i'll throw it in to be cooperative: the 'rents and sally and i went to the reynoldzizzles for, among other things, the best apple pie, the cutest blonde girls running and swirling around the fireworks, and a concierto. thus saith ray charles: i'm talkin about, america, sweet america, God done shed his grace on thee-eeeeee, he-he-he-ee crowned thy good, and with brothah-hoooood, from sea toooo shinin sea!


Annie said...

Actually, the CUTEST blond girls were missing from the festivities. hmph.

Merzy said...

no, yours are the cutest blonde and LOVELY girls.

Aubrey said...

you need to be my roommate! end of story.

liNdsEY aNdERsoN said...

independence is a good thing. embrace.