17 July 2008

when i was like, 17 i saw a movie called fools rush in. maybe you've seen it, and if you have, i'd have to be a little bit surprised, because if i do recall correctly it didn't do so hot in the theaters. como se dice "migraine for studio executives"? but just like she's the man, charlie bartlett, enough, and loads others, i am such a sucker for movies like these because they're easy. easy squeezy entertainment. they don't require too much thought, they spell it all out for you not unlike your kindergarten teacher. they always end happy, and include 2938 cliches. so when i'm tired and can't offer up the deserved attention span to a deep character developing movie like darjeeling limited, i go for a lovable flopper. did i mention after the 2nd time watching these movies are incredibly quotable? "darling, they fell in love! and looooove....is a beautiufl thinnng...." which is why in my personal DVD library i've already blasted "frequent use" scratches onto my personal DVD of fools rush in. there's already one memorable quote from this movie that has already come true in my life!

Tracey Burnham: Well nobody ever plans to end up in Vegas. You just do. Kinda sneaks up on you.*

*no disrespe-tin' vegas. but seriously folks, if you'd told me 5 years ago i'd live in vegas i'd have told you to alert the presses, you were entering the cirque lodge for detox. anyway, moving on.

salma hayek's character in this movie is deeply religious. She desperately cleaves to fate and signs and waits for one before making big decisions. so as not to bust out any korihor behaviors, (alma 30:43) i'll not start it in seriousity.

BUT. if i did, as to and pertaining to the current decision i think i've made about where to go/what to do, this is what i'd come up with:

-got a speeding ticket from a (kindly) cop returning to vegas from irvine on tuesday. leave vegas.
-the weather was cloudy on wednesday in vegas. my favorite. stay in vegas.
-the albertsons in irvine didn't have samples. stay in vegas.
-the song don't leave home by dido just came on my ipod. go back to irvine.
-the apartment i was going to move into here in vegas when my lease expires in september is not in a ward i really want to be in. leave vegas.

you get the idea. just if i were salma hayek.

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