25 July 2008

Video Killed the Radio Star

Almost 8 months after receiving it, my ipod has lunked out on me. my baby! my little baby with 40 GB of empty memory, where did i wrong you?

luckily it's under warranty and i can swap it for a new one this afternoon when i have my "apple appointment." however i can't drive in silence, and for the last 24 hours the only cd i've had in my car is joseph arthur's redemption's son. a good album, but too much of that melancholy stuff and you start writing existential poetry to rival that of a californian relocated to siberia.

i've had no alternative but to turn to FM. i was kind of excited to see what the new pop culture songs are; i generally just get music recommendations from people whose taste jives with mine and leona lewis and chris brown are somewhat enigmatic to me and my little ears.

i don't even know what the good stations are in vegas, so i just scanned and scanned until i wound up with 102.7, 104.3, and 106.5 (apparently those are the hippest stations in all 3 of the states i've ever lived in, just different deejays yacking away on each).

oh. my. gosh.

these are the greatest hits i've come across the last day of radio cruising:

-more sugar ray than my high school reminiscing capacity ever intended to handle

-LADY MARMALADE. i forgot how musical pink...isn't.

-a josh groban song about not giving up

-a celine dion song about not giving up
-another song definitely sung by a brothah about "we can fly through the night you and i together with the clouds"

-i listened to the spanish station for a while and apparently some singer's just died. sad.

-meredith brooks. i'm not kidding.

-rascall flats and more rascall flats.

lessons learnt:

-the 90s up until 2001 apparently chunked out the "classics."

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