21 July 2008

coldplay 2006

funny story (or i like to think so):

in february 2006 cam and i went to a coldplay concert. it was a rootin time, and i can only imagine how fabulicious this tour is, since X&Y is a horrible album in comparison to Viva la Vida. anyway cam had been getting on sarah's case and mine for periodically dropping the "d-word" and "h-e-double hockey sticks." he had in fact given me a mini-lecture that very afternoon. when cam was trying to park the car in the hotel garage, we were having the uncomfortable sensation i imagine a turkey would have trying to squeeze through a doggy door. not seeming to fit, and almost kissing the car parked next door, cam let out the following word:


i had a friend at byu (or i guess i should say i do have a friend...it's not like we've had a falling out...i just never see her anymore and have no clue where she lives) who had lived in germany as a child and from time to time would drop curse words in her mater tongue. so i knew what that word was, from whence it came, and what it meant.

me: (laughing instantly) cam! do you know what you just said?!
cam: huh?
me: where'd you get that word?
cam: i dunno, my friend at school says it. it's like instead of "crap."
me: i know! it's german for "_ _ _ _"!
cam: (red in the face) ah. i see. (trying not to smile)
me: (quoting him from that morning's lecture) you know, you should really think of what a nice young person like yourself sounds like when inappropriate words come out.....

i miss cam. he goes to ecuador 1 week from today. bon voyage, pal.

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Hilary and Dave said...

I would never say the German word for "_ _ _ _." Never, never. Except if I drop something really heavy on my toe or something.