24 July 2008

My New Hero

Meet David Sedaris.

If you haven't already read any of his stuff or heard it read on NPR, it's not something to be missed. I feel 2% more complete as a human being now that I've got one of his books of short stories. They totally inspire me for their snarky tenderness.

Just my little book recommendation for this, the 24th of July.
Hils, were it not for your snappy bday gift, I'd not have received this as my Amazon.com suggestion. Cheers!


[AnnieR] said...

I posted this little ditty probably while you were on your mission. Maybe not. I can't keep the dates straight. Anyway, I don't know if you ever saw this on my blog or not. If you didn't, go to this link. If you did, go to this link and watch it again because it's still funny.


Merzy said...

yeah, i was on my mishy mish in april 2007.

Merzy said...

yeah, i put that up there so i'd have 1 more comment :).

oh the grandeur of me!

Hilary and Dave said...

Ooh, I'll have to check him out! And, you're welcome. :)