30 October 2008

happy blog day to me

i started my family's blog a year ago today.  now excuse me while i do 1 round of the macarena in celebration.


thank you. 

i've blogged almost every day in the last year.  my friend lindsey once sent me a link to take a quiz that ascertains a person's addiction level to blogging.  i snorted and thought about how unpleasant it would be to have a computer tell me, "sheesh.  you are 103.4% addicted to blogging.  you should take up chess for some balance.  moderation in all things, girlfriend."  some might consider my prolific blogging pathetic, some heroic, and most people probably don't consider it at all.  as my grandmammy often said, "you won't worry about what people think about you when you realize they don't."

it sounds silly, but blogging has taught me a lot about myself.  how vain and yet self-deprecating i am.  how much i love to talk about my family.  what great friends i've got.  how antsy i was in vegas.  

i know it's like a "join the club" break down, but there were blips of time in the last 365 days that were extremely difficult for me, as in, before i was born, maybe someone said up above, "2008 is going to pulverize you into graham cracker crumbs.  don't worry, it won't last forever."  when i read back on some old posts my stomach ties in knots because i can hear the struggle in my voice that i was trying so hard to ignore.  i can read how much i was trying to distract myself with anything, and a big distraction was... (you guessed it) blogging.  google has supplied a fountain of therapy even more effective than baking artery clogging brownie concoctions.  

one nice thing about blogging is it's a grand old time whether you're good, bad, happy or sad.  i have to say that right now, life is about as perfect as i'd ever want it to be.  (ijustneedajobbeforeihavetostartplayingmykazooonthestreetsoflagunabeachwith mynewsiescapinfrontofmetocollectcharityshillings.)  i'm healthy, having a ball, my family is doing well, i frequently think to sing a song of redeemed cheer.  without being sure if i'd ever deserve it, so many stress suitcases that had strapped themselves to my ankles (either for myself or for loved ones) have dissipated.  i appreciate that.  i am grateful for so many blessings, for this phase of my life.  there i go being religious.  i'll say it again: i am grateful for the overwhelming plethora of blessings which are mine, mine, mine, for whatever reason.  

and so, here's to another year of blogging, and for the therapy, the record keeping, the narcissism that it shall be!

i want this shirt for christmas.


Sarah said...

dibs on getting merzy the shirt as a present.

Hilary and Dave said...

Ok, you can print your blog into a book! Go to blurb.com. I haven't done it, but it seems like a great idea!