24 October 2008

prop 8 calls and wahOOOOOs

chatting up registered voters regarding traditional marriage has been food for many a grandchildren story. i think i'm most excited for halloween because it means only 4 freaking days remain to us until this election basura is OVER. as the end is not exactly within spitting distance yet, it's at the very least been interesting to make the calls, and it makes me feel more jubilantly AMERICANA.  the calling is even more enjoyable when done in a group; then you can overhear bits of others' conversations. you know when someone was gifted with an f-bomb, when they got to sell traditional marriage, or when they spoke with someone of the YES persuasion, etc. etc. etc..

em is hard core. actually, unbelievably hard core, and very genuine and most weedly. she could convert rufus wainwright to heterosexualism.

here i am working on my multi-tasking. laptop open to inform me of the name of the person into whose life i would be prying. phone cradled betwixt shoulder and ear, thus viciously kinking my neck and doing my part to support the chiropractic world. fabulicious scarf in the making. you can't see it, but there's a can of TAB, the original calorie-free soda, at my feet.  as cameron would say, shiz.

it's friday, it's friday, time to go to lunch. (i think i just wrote a song.)

the wahoos on bristol spurs some interesting behaviors from andrea maria filio, dutchess of grown-out locks, and james michael cunningham, head ambassador of the inter-office crush department.

it started out so sweetly.

then it turned competetive. "how much taller am i than you?!?!?"

goosed. goosed rotton.

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Nat D said...

So I did my very first batch last Thursday. I know, I know I'm a loser. Well my favorite were the Asians you came across that spoke NO english and the ones who told you, "I'm not telling you what I voted" (duh that means NO).

It was so stressful, every time I dialed I felt like I was calling an old boyfriend or something.