10 October 2008

so what does meredith do when she's unemployed and of compromised health?
  • knit.  scarf coming soon.
  • watch newsies and the rainmaker and grey's anatomy
  • reading the books that i never finished...of which there is a shamefully high number.  closure is good.
  • make cookies and brownies.  don't eat them because i have germs.
  • sleep.
  • fluids.
  • fluids.
  • sleep.
  • make single words into sentences on lists on a friday blog post.


andreafilio said...

this list sounds and looks a lot like "Stuff That Dre Does Daily"... interesting...

Mike Cunningham said...

pretty sure i know why you are sick......

ericareynolds said...

Whatever you have sounds pretty serious! Hope you survive the cookies. :)