12 October 2008

to all viewers of 24:

am i the only one who's bothered by the fact that president palmer has been so shamefully reduced to appear in the the occasional AllState Insurance commercial?

he's the former PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, close friends with lone wolf JACK BAUER, and now all he can do is awkwardly stand there and pose the not-so-penetrating question, "can you afford not to be in good hands?"

someone, PLEASE get him a nice, cushy role on some law and order-ish tv drama.


brightonislove said...

mer mer, he did those commercials before 24. or maybe during. well, before I started watching haha. :)

Nat D said...

maybe that's where assassinated people go.

m.m. said...

well he was on a show called "the unit" for a while...maybe it got canceled?


The Jensen Family said...

He is now "Snake Doctor" on the the show "The Unit" and he rocks. He kicks more butt than Jack Bauer ever did. I'm with Meka.

Elizabeth said...

Fire it up! Fire it up! That's the theme song to The Unit. It's actually a good show if it's still on. We watched it for a while and then, oh yeah, my husband started his MBA while he continued to work full-time, I got prego again so TV time kind of got put on the back burner completely for the past couple years for us. You will not be disappointed in his role on the Unit however. It's everything you hoped would be in an All State commercial and so much more.