23 October 2008

who has to go looking all gorgeous when she's about to squeeeeeze out her third baby?
oh right, right, my sister.
i don't have baggage or anything.


Nat D said...

I'm bitter and I'm not even related to her!

Babe you share the same genes. You too will have lovely baby popping potential

Derek & Katie Waldron said...

She looks SOOOOO good. I can't wait to hear what the sex of the baby is!

Aubrey said...

Dang Elizabeth! You look good girl! Merzy, I can't wait to see a baby bump on you someday. As for me, well, we already know what mine will look like, don't we!

Elizabeth said...

Oh pshaw! You all crack me up! Every pregnant woman has that special GLOW!!! But I do thank you all for your compliments. So nice so nice.
Merzy, just you wait, you'll be the new spokeswoman/model for Gap Maternity you'll be such a hot pregnant girl (because, the Gap has a spokeswoman for their maternity line . . . . errr . . .)

brightonislove said...

you should tell your sister to be a pregnant model! she looks awesome!