22 October 2008

irvinites unite

i know what you're all thinking.

-brad, you sly dog, how did you weasle your way into the middle of a picture with 4 bodacious babes?
-martha, did you get your hair did recently? it looks even more fantastic than usual.
-2 lillywhites?! 2??? merzy, we all knew your life was beyond charmed, but 2 lillywhites in one block of sunday meetings is pushing your luck a little bit too far. please tell me they were photoshopped in, or you are officially the most fortunate lass this side of the hudson. there will be nowhere for you to go but down.
-wait a minute...that looks very much like an LDS chapel...is is kosher to snap photos in a chapel?

what we've got here is proof that the pierside ward was the best place for me to go upon returning to orange county. an abundance of new people, new streets to get lost on until they're burned on my brain, yogurtland, and one of those new targets, and yet, somethings (or people) to remind me from where i've sprung. people that know well the sleepy town approximately 25 minutes south of our huntington abodes. IRVINITES. our common bond of growing up drowning ourselves in golden spoon, getting our flirt on at the "woodsy" youth conference locales, and getting our stake dance on at the red brick lake building...ah this common bond shines through clearer and brighter than ever in our twenty-something huntington lives.

once an irvinite, always an irvinite.

thanks to jeff brown for sacrificing decorum and honor in snapping this picture in the chapel.


Mike Cunningham said...

I somewhat feel a part of this. Although we didn't grow up together, we did live in the same stake for the first 3 years of my life, which in my opinion were the most crucial. Had I stayed in Irvine, I would have been all up in your grillz. Therefore, I seek to conclude that although Utah is where I call home, my roots belong to Irvine.

martha said...

I was thinking all of those things when I saw and stood for the picture. You are a mind reader and plagiarist.

Derek & Katie Waldron said...

I am jealous!!! Such fun people. How is Melissa? I haven't seen her since High School probably...miss her!

Elizabeth said...

It just is so right to see that group of people together. You all look fab fab fab. Ah the charmed life of an Irvine teen just never leaves one does it? :)

m.m. said...

i can definitely attest to bradley getting his flirt on at youth conference.

katie and i will have to take one of these at our ward. we'll show you!

Audra Bollard said...

Hmmm, I grew up with a Jeff Brown who I think lives in Huntington now.

You look great merzy!