02 October 2008

i don't have anything really fun or interesting to say today. if you were bored enough to read this post, you would find out that:

whenever i come around the corner toward the front desk at work, i can see plain as day that the receptionist has been playing solitaire or is on facebook. she quickly minimizes the screen, swings her chair around, and smiles nervously at me. i wonder whether or not i should tell her that i don't care what she does at work all day, if i should tell her about my blogging, blog reading, g-chat, and email addiction. i consider informing her that in the mornings, when my swash-buckling co-worker who sits 5 feet away from me is in the office, i have to be careful to not laugh out loud at my escapist internet dealings so that i don't get caught.

nah, let her sweat it out.


liNdsEYloO said...

haha. i love it.
i totally do that. except sometimes i just leave it up bc i dont care :)

moshi said...

i dont even know if this is the right place to write this but i just want to say that i love your face! love your blog! love your families blog! oh how are you?!?! nat loves you and thinks youre hilarious and she's totally right!

Aubrey said...

merz, that is hilarious. you're gonna give the poor girl a heart attack.