04 October 2008

i stand corrected.

yesterday i was at lunch with a couple of chums, and a young man present named occunningham said who knows what, and i misused the words sympathize and empathize in my reply. occunningham called me out on it. i argued the point for a minute, then retraced my verbal steps, and ceded. i know, riveting. he demanded that i blog about it and expose my folly, because he, the accountant, thinks that i, the former english major, am supposed to have perfect grammar every waking moment. ok, maybe i often do, but as yoda would say, "human i am." or that's what yoda would say a) if he were real, and b) if he were human.

occunningham, here is your big, fat, freaking blog post about my guffaw and your victory.


Jim Eaton said...

We must all suffer wordsmithing, arrogant, culture biggots.

Merzy said...

are you talking about me or mike :) ?

Mike Cunningham said...

hahhahahahhahah i love it! i can now rest in peace.