13 November 2008

[nervous giggle]

i'm not much of a morning person. no i take it back. i would hedge a bet that i am the least morning of persons ever to suck in some oxygen in the history of the world. my most harmonious companionship on my mission was with hermana lott; we were both horrible in the mornings, and we just had this understanding that not a word would be exchanged until we were eating breakfast, about an hour after we'd arisen. i'm groggy. it's a toss up whether i'm incredibly grouchy and cruel or incredibly giggly and loopy. i'm in a race to get to the bathroom. i'm just...i'm just...i just need a few minutes.

so i've been unemployed for about a month, right? (not abiding the last 7 business days in which i temped for a friend whilst she splish splashed either in puddles or in the surf of my old stomping grounds, ROSTA CICA.) i could and should write another post here about what i've learned in my exclusion from the pay day club for the first time in a decade. but for now, suffice it to say i'm stoked to fill out some new HR forms once again. it's so close, i can taste it. that and the "yogurt" covered almond i just plunged into my mouth. i'm most hopeful for this one job where my dear friend alyson has been working. her husband has had her cell phone for the past month so i've become accustomed to reaching her on her work line or through email.

this morning i was jolted into consciousness by the ring-a-ling-a-linging of my cell phone. i only know that i saw it was aly's work number, and answered it post-haste, "HEEEEYYYYYY!" the person on the other end was not aly.

long story short, i'm 98% sure that somehow in the minutes that followed, her boss and i scheduled an interview, i'm 38% sure i spoke all in coherent english, and i'm 85% sure that they still want to interview me, but i do plan on double checking with aly.

if i ever own my own company, out of decency and respect for my kind, i will schedule all interviews with potential employees at approximately 11:58 pm. give them a real chance to shine.


Dave Donaldson said...
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Dave Donaldson said...

This is happened back in high school. I'm not sure if it was you, Dan or Lani, but someone was picking me up to go with them to seminary (i think that's what it's called) early one morning before school. It was standard for everyone to show up in pajamas and blankets and then later went home and changed.

Well this one morning I was jolted out of bed with my ride waiting for me out front. I ran downstairs and hopped into the car. I was greeted with a blank stare from the driver (I'm thinking it was Lani now). I looked down to realize I wasn't wearing a shirt and just had pajama pants on. AWWW-KWARD!

Needless to say, I'm not a morning person AT ALL.

Good times!

Aubrey said...

Oh Merz! How rad that you might have a job all lined up now. Look at us! Both about to re-enter the wonderful world of crappy paychecks, high taxes, and empty 401Ks. Go get 'em girl!

Hilary and Dave said...

You are a morning person compared to me...
Good luck with everything!