26 November 2008


when i was in college, if the time was ripe for some board game playing, the words "let's play balderdash" were, to me, something like, "hey, you just inherited a villa in tuscany and patrick dempsey asked for your digits."  i always won, every time.  it was easy for me to make my pseudo definitions sound professional, ambiguous, and far fetched.  it was my moment to cash in my bragging chips, because i spent time with people who were ridiculously talented in areas of life or business in which i sit and twiddle my thumbs.

but in the eaton family we don't play this game anymore. with 3 english majors and 1 english minor, plus a genius advertising/journalism father, it is 72 steps past impossible to divine the correct aloof word definition, and we put far too much of ourselves into the game.  this, for the eatons and jexies, is the stuff of potential permanent ego damage, and so, on this, the eve of thanksgiving, we are content to just sit, prematurely snarf pumpkin pie, and talk about cooking and movies.  and coo over julia, the baby of the world.

let me be the first to wish each and every one of my readers the happiest of thanksgivings. gobble gobble.

p.s. first holiday sans cameron.  i hate it.  shout out to the young man in ecuador, sweatin it out.

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Hilary and Dave said...

THat is so funny. We're kind of like that too, in my family. Kind of given up on Balderdash. Merz, i'm sure you're the best player ever!