02 November 2008

le scarf

l'écharpe est faite!

if you see me in 3-D very often, you would have maybe observed that i wear a lot of turtlenecks and/or scarves. i don't know why, i'm just a turtleneck and/or scarf kind o' girl. i done made m'own scarf. i call it my prop 8 scarf, because i knitted it while making prop 8 calls. 

and it's DONE!  

this is actually a true personal victory, because i have a way of starting little projects and never finishing them.  somewhere in my closet at my parents' house are crammed evidences of my ADD.  books i got half way through, 3 half finished scarves, and many abandoned drawings, paintings, scrapbooks, etc.  i really disapprove of this habit, and with my size 13 knitting needles and squishy, cream colored yarn, i have witnessed the changing of the tide.

my next project: sticking with detox.  my sister will laugh, but i am going to go off treats (starting tomorrow) without betting on it, without dragging someone into the sadist club with me.  i am going to abstain through the sheer force of my exemplary willpower.

presenting le scarf, my follow-through victory:

now i just have to wait until the weather gets cold enough so i can wear it.


liNdsEYloO said...

merz. its socal. its not going to get cold enough for that scarf :) love you!

andreafilio said...


Hilary and Dave said...

I am dying to learn how to knit...let's maybe make it a cousins retreat activity! The scarf looks fab, my dear!

laceyjo said...

So cute!! I love scarfs too, but would never be able to actually make one. Your so talented. :) Good luck on detoxing, I did that for a week 2 weeks ago, and it was very successful.. I even had brad trying to drag me out of it by bring sweets! Its tough, but you can do it!!

Aubrey said...

will you make me one for christmas please? what do you want me to make you? :)

Elizabeth said...

hey that's awesome! i get one next! thanks for volunteering to make me one! ;)