21 November 2008

i'm seeing a movie tonight with a bunch of girls. it goes against everything i stand for, but i'm seeing it, and i bet you can all guess which one it is. oh i guess it'll be entertaining if i just take it at face value. still i look at my fandango printed receipt and wonder if this decision to watch that film-which-shall-not-be-named will be the gateway drug, the pandora's box, as it were, to completely losing my sense of self and everything which i hold dear.

ah, but then i remember my parents watched love story, and they turned out ok.

for a really entertaining moment, just quote to my mom the line, "but i thought love meant never having to SAY you're sorry!" an eyebrow lifts, and a tangent ensues.

those eyebrows have their own weather system!

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Hilary and Dave said...

Well, I totally loved the movie!!! My friends and I went to the 12:10am showing, which I wouldn't normally do, but I wanted to, you know, take advantage of a social opportunity. By the last book I was so sick of it all but the movie was good.