22 November 2008

i saw it. that film-which-shall-not-be-named.

i started to rip the movie into tiny pieces (not unlike the manner in which one would kill a vampire) but then i erased it (striving to not be such a meanie head oh i've been hanging out with my niece and nephew too much) and decided that it will be sufficient to say there are flames of aggravated annoyance heaving themselves out of my ears, and smoke pouring out of my nostrils.

well, with that, goodnighty night night!


Aubrey said...

i'm not sure what's more of a disappointment. the movie or this post. merzy, i expected more from you. i was ready for a great bashing session. oh well, guess i'll have to just do it myself. anyway, thanks for being my partner in crime. see you saturday night for some potatoes and gravy.

m.m. said...

you even saw it?! i think i'll be the only person left who hasn't (and won't ever) see the movie after this weekend. well at least you didn't like it...partial respect is still intact ;)

laceyjo said...

I'm guilty as charged also for seeing this moving.. surprisingly I really liked it. I have a new crush on Edward.. mmm