16 November 2008

another one

no, not another update from an obsessive aunt, another tag from a narcissist. here is one i haven't seen yet, and 'twas plunked upon my laptop lap from natalie cooler-than-your-momma dulaney, featuring:

a bunch of 8s (having zilch to do with a proposition):

8 favorite tv shows:

*please note: i don't have 8 currents, so i'll also list favorite tv shows of the past.

1. grey's anatomy (although the current season is breakin my heart. they're trying too hard.)
2. the office " 'would i rather be loved or feared?' both. i want people to be afraid of how much they love me."
3. gilmore girls 2005 -- horribly bitter that jess isn't rory's husband o' love.  
4. lost -- although i don't know how much umph i have left in me for it.  if matthew fox gets killed off, so does my stamina for the show.
5. the closer 2006 -- i now actually believe deep within myself that kiera sedgewick is southern.
6. 24 seasons 1-3, 5, and i will be on the edge of my seat for the season premiere next week. extra inside track advice: to be a jack bauer protege all you need are 3 ingredients:
a) a flashy sprint cell phone
b) a gun
c) expansive lungs so you can yell out commands, and then yell it a bit louder the second time, and then split ear drums the third.

7. 60 minutes 
8. primetime glick (is there anything martin short cannot do?)

8 favorite restaurants

1. california pizza kitchen -- grilled vegetable salad, please.
2. pain du monde -- greek salad sans olives, please.
3. boudin's san fransisco whatever -- spring salad
4. natraj indian tandoori -- just don't kiss anyone for 36 hours, there's no brushing or flossing that flavor out right away.  time takes time.
5. that one place i ate at one time and really liked.
6. golden spoon (it counts.)
7. yogurtland (yep, that counts too.)
8. the diet cokery

8 things that happened yesterday

1. finished knitting a beanie for a spaycial miss julia
2. went to costco with my mum (which seems to be a new saturday tradition)
3. proceeded to stuff face with many samples at costco with my mum
4. saw lots of prop 8 proteskuteers in costa mesa.
5. talked to my nephew on the pheletone.
6. attended a susan easton black fireside
7. saw 007 with a lovely group o' peeps
8. played phone tag with alyson

8 things i'm looking forward to

1. the invention of 0 calorie brownies
2. a freaking job
3. teaching credential
4. meeting a spaycial miss julia
7. the new yanni album
8. my dvd of nightmare before christmas being deposited into my mailbox in a cozy little amazon.com pouch

8 things on my wish list

1. a new mac notebook
2. a husband for erin, preferably one who resembles gregory peck
3. 20 minutes with f. scott fitzgerald, another with my grandpa, and maybe 5 with paul mccartney
4. a summer home in monaco
5. the economy to be on the up and up
6. my beloveds to be sprightly and hap-hap-happy
7. cameron to one day marry a really cool girl (yes i already worry about that.)
8. harry potter volume 8

8 people i tag

1. elizabeth
2. margaret
3. dre
4. lindsey a.
5. aubs
6. erin mc mc 
7. hils mc mc


Margaret said...

I didn't think it possible, but this made me miss you even more. I bet you see my madre at the diet cokery a lot don't you?
Question. Might make some enemies here but I've seen Grey's Anatomy like 3-4 times and I gotta say, I would hate pretty much any of them being my doctor. I don't want any doctor that always seems like they are on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I feel like their conversations and dialogue is very jr. high as is the controlling of their emotions. Please fill me in on the appeal. I know people love it, so do I need to give it another chance? Or is that the appeal? Escapism.
Have you seen 30 Rock? I think it's up your alley and if they kill Jack Shepherd I too will through the LOST towel in. Why can't Jack just be happy? Why WHY WHY?
I could comment more on this but I'm rambling so love you.

Carrie said...

Did you seriously just tag TAMN? Too funny!

brightonislove said...

24 starts next week?!?!?!?! holy crap how did i not know this?!?! im slacking. what day?

Hilary and Dave said...

There may be nothing better than Cost-co-with-Mom. One of my favorite things!

Anna said...

Merzy, I fear how much I love you... and The Office too :)