04 November 2008

no i haven't voted yet, ok? i'm doing it after work and i'm completely biting my nails off in fear that something will go wrong and i won't make it.

on a totally related topic, did you ever watch the tv show the gilmore girls?

i would see previews but until the 5th season i ignored it. the thing about going home for college summers is you work, you go home, you eat, maybe you go swimming, you eat even more, thus sabotaging BYU skinny efforts, and then after all that, you're either too lazy to be social or all your old friends are married and doing married things anyway. and so it was in 2005 when i was working at a title company, living on a steady diet of yoplait fat free yogurts and ice cream (pro bone density), and mainly hanging out with the fam. it was the perfect time to get my tv show on, and sarah wanted to share her recently acquired addiction to that zip-zany connecticut mother-daughter BFF duo. i was quite impressed. the dialogue is unbelievable, and they cram each minute with nods to the greats of the history of the world and teases to pop culture. it was ridiculously ensnaring. that fall, back at byu for my final semester, i didn't have a tv, but may or may not have made friends with neighbors who ponied up the cable cash so that i could go watch it with them each wednesday night. i was on my mission for the final season, but they changed writing squad in that last minute and i heard it wasn't nearly the same quality. i'm actually afraid to watch this season because i know i couldn't handle watching them dribble in mediocrity. and so my friendship with lorelai and rory is of an unfinished nature, i try to put them out of my mind.

saturday i was admittedly busy doing loads of important nothings. i was running to and fro, trying to get everything done in time for lindsey's bday dinner (post on this to come). by the time our macaroni grill bday food was placed in front of us, i realized i hadn't really stopped for physical nourishment for eons. suddenly realizing my ravenous state, i said out loud, "i have NEVER been SO HAPPY to SEE A SALAD in my ENTIRE LIFE!" then that triggered the gilmore girls memory and i realized where i'd heard that before it escaped my own lips.

if you are a true gilmore girls fan, i want you to tell me who says that and in which episode and season. whoever gets it right first...or whoever takes a stab at it...wins a...a...a SOMETHING! ready, set, GO!


The Jensen Family said...

Lorelia said this in "Friday Nights alright for fighting" in season 6

How do you like them apples?

MeredithKEaton said...

whoah. wow! WOW! i am monstrously impressed!

now will you give me a freaking invite to your private blog already?

:MeredithEaton: said...

please ?

The Jensen Family said...

I would if I had your email!

:MeredithEaton: said...