28 November 2008

storytime: EWWWW!

i've had the notion of a teaching credential flitting around in the back of my head for a few years, and i think that now might be a good time to snatch it up and run with it.  this story, from the reservoir of one of my best friends alyson as she taught 1st grade a few years ago, makes me think it could be a lot of fun:

she sat in circle time with her pupils, discussing the mysteries of the universe.  alyson noticed that one of her students (we'll call her suzy, as i'm of the opinion that all little girls wear the name "suzy" very well) had her shirt on backwards; the tag was exposed.  aly let suzy know and was about to suggest that she slip out to the little girls' room to rectify the situation, but before she could get that far, suzy lifted the shirt and started twisting it around.  she yanked that shirt all the way up.  aly gasped, sure that either suzy would be taunted for the rest of her days for being a flasher or that a law-suit-happy parent would walk in the door for an impromptu visit.  all suzy's classmates reacted with squeals and yells, one little boy loudest of all:

"EWWWW!  i saw her BELLY BUTTON!"

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