06 November 2008


a few slices of my halloween: lindsey sommer. i know this girl from byu and have run into her in the most odd places ever since. i guess a laguna niguel halloween party isn't exactly odd, but when she lives in vegas and i in huntington, it's not exactly expected, right? she is the cat's pajamas so i'm happy for the frequent sightings and subsequent chats. i can expect her to come along when i gold digger marry some billionaire from monaco and i'm a lonely yankee with 5 unruly, freckled children. she'll probably haul off and move into my ward there, too, and it'll be swell. you know, i just realized this post is going to be kind of weird, but don't judge me, lest ye be judged. i lost a lot of sleep on election night only to realize that prop 8 was going to be 53% to 47% for hours upon hours to come. i haven't caught up on my snoozes yet. as suzi orman would say, MOVING. ON.a hippie and a french guy. the hippie should have worn a headband or something to make it more obvious. my mom made this dress when she was in high school. check out in the picture with lindsey those large flowers painstakingly embroidered about the front. my mom calls the dress "the ultimate statement of my youth." it's the official name of the thing. it's been recycled between my sisters and i for about 15 halloweens, maybe 7 high school time warp pep rallies, 34 time warp themed parties, etc. each time we use it mom will say, almost verbatum, "if someone had told me while i sat making this while babysitting the [insert name of palo alto family] that i'd one day have 3 beautiful daughters who would use this dress for [insert name of occasion], i'd never have believed them." whether that seemed so far fetched because she planned to only have sons, or she just imagined any daughters she'd have would be too obese to ever fit into it, i'll never know. but i do know i love having the good old standby costume.
and jeff's baguette was delicious.
and the ciggie is fake. smoking's for morons. i learned that in D.A.R.E.!
weird, right? they're not even related, not by one single slip of a DNA strand. lacey (to the right of the giant banana man) is quite possibly the kindest person you'll ever meet, and has great style. i met melissa in 2003. we'd carpool to the BYU salt lake center together every thursdee afternoon, and we had a great time. then we lost track of each other, and then about a year ago we got reconnected and had been facebook/blogger friends until i moved back and saw her at a goodbye party a few weeks ago. there was a tackle, there was a ruckus, everyone was looking at us like, "wow. those gals are really making a big deal about this. they should get out more, yo."

and i loved this picture just too, too much to leave it out:
mike: did you know pocahontas was a celebrity in london in her last year of life, before contracting an unknown fatal illness? if i'd been in london in 1617, i'd have used my video game super hero powers to save you from such a tragic end."
emily: [speechless, moved to dazzled tears]


ericareynolds said...

Hey, I know that french guy! I guess you two met? The story?

laceyjo said...

You are TOO sweet! I adore you, and so happy I made an appearance on your blog!


Hilary and Dave said...

Merz, you are so beautiful! I just love those bangs, don't you ever get rid of them! I bet your mom had no idea that that dress would get such runs for its money as she was embroidering...

Mike Cunningham said...

Pocohontas had me from hello