29 November 2008

gobble gobble visuals

i know, seriously!  it's like you've been waiting your enTIRE lives for a few pictures of my holiday.  you got it!  p.s. this is being blogged while watching D.J. Tanner's TV comeback on the hallmark channel.  moonlight and mistletoe, oh yeah!

i think my sister's rather pretty.
i think i need to learn how to hold my hands still when taking a picture.

this was perhaps the most terrific moment of the entire week.  fact: babies love my dad.  even those babies that each and every beehive refuses to sit for because they FLLLLIP out when their mother is not in sight still snuggle right up to my pappy.  when dad was holding julia, she would not stop staring at him!  they had a most wonderful 5 minute grandpa to grandchild exchange.

ok so only 2 pictures.  i'll scrounge up some more.

1 comment:

Hilary and Dave said...

Sweet! I really think that baby girls have a special bond with dads and grandpas, don't you?