01 December 2008

come again another day

rain has always been my favorite piece of weather.  growing up in southern california, it was as extreme as we would ever experience, and it was terribly electrifying to need protection from mother nature.  just a convenient dollop of protection, though.  it earned for us a blanket after school, it eased feet off gas pedals to deflect the hydroplaning, but being outside didn't create the sensation of sewing needles pricking your face and hands (como se dice snow?).  it just felt clean, crisp, and astir, so we'd slosh around in the puddles as often as possible, and, as if this post weren't already cute enough, we'd stick out our cute little tongues and try to catch cute little rain drops to see if they tasted cute or not.  

then it had to haul off and totally blow our fabulous relationship.  over the thanksgiving holiday, rain decided to dribble, nay, pour itself through the window of my car, all over the interior, making it smell like a mildew garden.  lysol has been sprayed, and sprayed, and sprayed, fragrant car-oma trees have been hung, and hung, and hung, and my typically weak sense of smell still recognizes that sourness every time i hunker down in my coach.  such a great thing between us, totally obliterated. 

once i have the maturity to acknowledge that I was the one who cracked the window, parked outside, and then peaced out for 5 days, i will totally be BFFs with rain again.


Robins Nest said...

A tip for ridding your cars of odious odors. Put Bounce sheets under all your seats and leave half an apple in an open container in your car to dry out. Totally worked for me.

::Meredith Eaton:: said...

NO WAY! i love it! thanks for the tip; i'll get right on it.

i miss you, when are we going to grey's anatomy it up again?