08 December 2008

Tower of Truth

I adore Disneyland, especially during the final 3 months o' the year, but I'm not quite sure they make good on their claim that it's the happiest place on earth. It certainly is happy, but the happiest? Debatable. However, they did accurately choose a name for their ride "Tower of Terror," which I experienced on Friday night with some of my homies. I finally know what it looks like when I'm truly, most authentically, screaming my guts out.
(you might want to click on the image to get a better look.  also, ten points if you can spy or are one of the 7 homies in the shot!)

I hadn't screamed so loud since the day I thought Alyson had dropped her pet hermit crab in the running disposal.


Aubrey said...

why did i not see you ALL night?

M-Ware said...

ok, this is random, and perhaps a bit creepy. but i found your blog via a google alert (i can explain more about that later), happen to be in your parents' ward in irvine and i think you are hilarious. hence, i have a question for you. look me up here to see i'm a real person: www.marthahullinger333.blogspot.com. and email me at martha dot hullinger dot ware at gmail dot com so i can ask you my question.