12 December 2008

things that make me want to

1. yesterday i went to lunch with katie weaver and amber corbin and their cute little muffins. 

amber: katie, i thought you were moving to riverside.
me: oh no, i can't picture you ever living in riverside, katie.
katie: i'd rather live in utah.  you're half way there at that point!

2. last night i went on a no-booze cruise, where i danced my little heart out.  i don't know if it's something in the water, or if music's gotten better since my mission, but i have so much more fun cutting a rug than i ever did at any stake dance, and if you were there for any of those, you know that i could flail a limb in them days.  oh, the dancing hangover i'm currently abiding.  please pass the advil and another cup of the swilling sauce.

3. tonight i'm going to a snooty holiday party for which "women may wear cocktail dresses if they choose."  finally!  a reason to wear my sternum dress!  


Katie Waldron said...

Thanks for the shout out! Lunch was super fun. ;)

Aubrey said...

"you're halfway there at that point." ahahaha. and misson viejo is like so inland. ;)

Elizabeth said...

Alright laugh your hearts out you lucky CA girls! I'm just counting my lucky stars I'm still on Pacific Standard Time!

The Washburn Family said...

Hey! Riverside has its good parts too. I live even farther from Riverside, and it also has its good parts, despite being 35 minutes from any freeway. But hey, the houses are cheap! When Joel first drove out here for a job interview, he called me and said, "Kera, I think I've left California." But you get used to it.