13 December 2008

things that i can get behind, and ARE indisputably worth the guacamole:

1. a swiffer.  now i am not THE cleanest person ever to tiptoe around clothes piles in a room, but i do enjoy clean floors.  no, i LOVE clean floors.  i love them so much i want to MARRY clean floors.  me and my honey bunch clean non-carpeted floors keep things happy at home with a SWIFFER.

2. Dericious.if anyone just said, "those look like rodent droppings!" you're invited to leave the blog forth wit. THIS is bridge mix, and you can buy it from several different locations, but my favorite is the bins at albertsons. i like to mix several kinds of bridge and/or trail mix (of the same price) and dump them into a jar at jeff's house so 1) he and his roommates pick me as their favorite 2) i'm over there often enough so that when i'm in the mood for some chocolatey treats, chances are i'm within arm's length of the jar, and 3) it's not at MY house so when i'm on the internet at 1am for no good reason and i decide the time is ripe for a little snackety snack, they're NOT what i end up eating 5 million of. bridge mix is naturally an assortment, but often that assortment involves some sort of a nut, so if you're allergic to nuts, it's not worth a trip to the hospital and i wouldn't eat it if i were you. also, the other problem is that since nuts are for some reason priced akin to heroine, bridge mix is not exactly your top ramen. it's $8 per pound! yikes! YET as this post title states, i have deemed bridge mix as something i can get behind, and something that is so worth those dollars.

3. an egg shell foam mattress pad
ahem, PAPA NOEL, i don't have one of these right now, but i had one in college, and my sleep patterns and i miss it terribly. done and done.

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